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diy inspiration

Julie is really hitting the arts and crafts corner at the moment, and with me visiting i offcourse took advantage of this by asking for one of these beauties.. 


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my camera is dead

Sorry for the abstence, but my camera is currently living in a better place right now. Heaven.



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I am pondering about the new school-trend, "not giving a fuck". In my sociology, there's always the same people answering and the same people who don't even bother to try to answer any questions.. Offcourse if they decide to speak, almost every time they puke out a cool comment "i didn't do my homework", or "stop bothering me".

I find one of the guys excpecially interesting. He is like the coolest subject in the whole class and all the coolest girls always giggle because of he's coolness and cool comments.
Offcourse there is the same shit every time.  He can't be a tiny bit bothered about the nomality of sitting still or shutting the fuck up when other people talk,  even less bothered when the teacher kicks him out of  the classroom.

There is so many people like this around the school. I can see girls ditching classes to sit in the canteen , guys running around pranking eachother in hallways.. the list coud go on and on

And not to be "little miss-adult" (NERD) or anything, but i can't really see the "coolness" about being stupid? And what the fuck are you even doing here in the first place when you don't care? School is something you choose, and not something you have to do, but still you complain and bother everyone else?

It is strange how people are.. It is like they don't understand that you choose what to do, and it is not like that if everyone else does it, you must do it to.. If  you hate school, then start to work. If you hate something, start something else basically.

Now i am cooling down. It's friday, and it's relaxation-time! Alot of awesome event this weekend, and alot of cool people going out.. 


to cool 4 school

Since a snowstorm suddently came up when i was suppose to get home from school today i chilled at the library while waiting for Papa picking me up.. Offcourse what i didn't expect was the queue standing almost still and it ended up with me sitting there for over two hours..

At least i had some good entertainment by the new teacher having the total " i am so cool " - thing going on..
OKAY! Let me explain.
He was talking like everyone was his homies and made a stupid joke out of eveything..

I was sitting there with my computer and suddently everything crashed, so i asked him if he coud help me and it ended up being him squarring about how fucked up our computers are, and then gave me a hit on my shoulder saying "you can chill now" when he finally fixed the problem... So yeah, thanks, that made me really comfortable?

It is so stupid with those teachers doing the "buddy"-thing with everyone. :SS

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They say we leave this world, just as we arrived. Naked and alone. 
So if we then leave with nothing, is our life then defined by the people we deciede to love?
Or is it simply measured by our accomplishments?
And so, what if we fail, or truly never get loved.. Can we ever measure up?


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Snapshots from my friend's room,yesterday.. 
I love how you can see that each thing is part of a great memory, and i just love how she have decorated her room with full of her good vibes.. a peaceful place, don't you think?


Hey you.
yes you. Stop being unhappy with yourself. you are perfect. stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing they like you as much as they like someone else. stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks. love them.
without those things you wouldn't be you. and why do you want to be someone else?
be conident with who you are. smile. it will draw people in. if anyone hates you because you are happy with yourself then you stick your middle finger in the air and say screw it, my happyness will not depent on others anymore.
i'm happy because i love who i am. i love my flaws. i love my imperfections.they make me, me. 
and "me" is pretty amazing.



Yaai, today i got an strong 5 on my sociologyclassignment!!     (best in Norway is 6)
I would absolutely not, in a whole lifetime ever guess i would manage to pull it off!

Me and three girls was suppose to do this, and it ended up being me doing the whole thing yesterday when everyone else had used several days in our "suppose to be working" -schoolclasses.
As always i was offcourse working together with my team player Camilla, but this time we tryed working with another girl aswell and i must say that was the most aweful thing ever.. ever

I shoud of guessed it, cause when i tryed to work with this girl before,  it was the most irritating and dumb collaboration i had to deal with my whole school-life-time, but i coudn't just say no eather when she wanted to join us? Atleast it felt so at that moment.

It was impossible working with sutch a uninspiering and argumentative person, and i pray to God i don't have to deal with the same situation twice when it all ended up with miss dramaqueen just leaving me alone to do all the work, calling me a bitch for being irritated on her because of a coupple of reasonable things i don't bother to mention here now.
Camilla coudn't help me eather when she was totaly buzy that night..

So when i was finished with the assignment "does Norway has it's own culture?" me and Camilla just read as hell to remember the lines of the whole debate, and we totaly killed it!

So now another pound is liftet off my shoulders and i can finally start reading about DNA molecules for my other class..

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No i didn't go out without a jacket, but i just snapped this photos when Åsne was taking a quick sigarette.. i am not that icecold.. nahmeen? haha, lol


my boyfriend must be...

Okay.. anybody else then me having those retarted piczo-sites from when you where way to young to ever be published online? Me and a friend browsed thru mine from when i was about fourteen today, and oh my god, i must say i was pretty awesome.. or maybe not..
It is loads and loads of fucked up pictures of me thinking i was the worlds coolest person ever, and i must admit i totaly wasn't!
It was so much fun there to see, but if it was one thing being totaly out of line there it must be my boyfriendmaterial.. My crawings was kinda simple, and let me just quote myself;
My boyfriend must be kind, sexy, cute, being a little badboy and totaly have a scooter...




morning meditation

My second night having a bad dream.. It is really stealing all of my energi and still i have loads and loads of schoolwork to finish.. Tomorrow, me and two others from my sociologyclass are suppose to have a presentation about Norwegian culture, but yesterday the girl with all our work was nowhere to be found.. Pretty stupid not doubble storage it in the first place but just hope she is there today because we have to finish this one just perfect..

In the meantime enjoy three random pictures from the last coupple of days.. I am stressing with an redbull on one side and make-up on the other..


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coachsurfing in Denmark, A hectical fashionweek. Me winning "oslo's style icon"-contest trown by h&m. fashionpartyes. streetart in Oslo and Denmark.