im all dressed up and ready to play

I am really not.. I am acually sitting here with we hair, no make-up and doing homework.. But a little glitter on the truth is never to argue about, so here's a picture of how i look today.. not



Close up of my cardigan from gina tricot


Loading my energi before another monday..


That's the sound of a bottle when it's hollow. When you swallow it all, Wallow and drown in your sorrow

A humans mind is so interesting, don't you think? I mean, all by placebo you can cure cancer, and being unhappy makes you sicker than ever. Just hover in youre own sorrow that keeps pushing you down.



picture taken from the night with coronas, whitewine, food and cake at slottsparken yesterday.

Today i am really excited for what Alex has planned for us. And as the most romantic guy ever, he told me to dress up and be ready at four o'clock for a suprice of an lifetime. 
So that means going to the shoemaker, fix my nails, buy a new dress , fix my hair and getting my make-up done in less than four hours. Wow, wish me good luck everyone!