Being stressed out from the last weeks on school you really haven't seen mutch of me lately.. I can't find time for blogging like, ever..  when the exams are finished i am back again, i promise!

Today i am taking a bit time off the micromanaging, and are heading out in the sweet summerweather for a backyard party at Hausmania. The weather in Oslo has just gone crazy the last week with almost fourty degrees one day, and over thirty the rest of the time.

Have a great sunday everyone!
top//fleamarked      sunnies//hm          shorts//levis by me


Another day in the beginning, and i am earlier up then ever. If you like me are in need for some good morning music then check out Laura Veils.

dreamy hippie


confess you're sinds

So tomorrow the Norwegian national day takes place, and like all other countries we offcourse celebrate night until the actual day. I am going to a electronicaparty, and no less this party is held place in one of oslo's most beautiful churches.  So today i am going to confess my sinds and dance with the devil.

picture of Åsne ,yersterday


With just two days until the celebration of our national day, the whole school got to know what they came up in to exam this morning. We are suppose to come up in different classes by randomness, but i start to wonder when i came up in math this year too, with that being my fourth math exam from just four chances of coming up.
I didn't become angry in any way tough, because then i actually get a chance to kick ass and get a top grade in the class too.

With that being said i lost my camera last weekend, and i am so lucky having a boyfriend lending me he's.

sweater//calvin klein    shorts//levis by me     bracelet//h&m      sunnies//h&m        shoes//buffalo


As i told you, i was photographing for oslonights yesterday. You are offcourse more than welcome to check out the post on they're webside, here. I really enjoyed this event, when i litterally felt in love with the whole nish of the store. Amazing outfits and really cool people!
Today i am just keeping that cool vibe, and is planning on shooting for the opening of a 3D vernissage.


my name is emma

Attended an Anti Denim event yesterday, shooting for oslonights. No wonder i suddently got migraine in the middle of the schoolday.



So you all know i went to Amsterdam last week. Everyone talking about amsterdam always draw the lines between legal sluts and legal drugs but i can defiently uncomfirm this with saying the netherlands has mutch more to offer! We went down last sunday, witch was the night before they're national day, and we offcourse joined the celebration. The whole city was one whole party, with the VM finals also in place the same day, but i must commit the worlds best partycoupple was a bit tired from the trip, and we got to bed a bit early.

The day after, when the actual queensday was, we went to the park. The whole place was just one huge marked. Apperantly everyone can just take they're things on the street, and sell whatever. Really cool!
It wasn't mutch i wantet, tough.. It was alot of randomness, and alot of not so pretty things, but the main thing for me was just the amazing opportunity seeing a whole city become a marked for the first time, ever.

Later on we rentet bycycles, and i must say that is my number one pointer if you are going to a city like this! The whole city is planned for people cycling, and with the sun shining it was nothing other then amazing having the opportunety to ride rather then walk or taking a taxi. I am personally not a taxi person when i travel, because if i rent something to ride around the city i feel like i see so mutch more then taking a taxi here, and a taxi there.

Other then that we went to the most unlucky animalpark i'ved ever seen, used way to mutch money and eat alot of vegetarion food.


morning inspiration

Good morning puzzis! Today the weather is gray and the sleeping-modus still on. I have totaly ruined my sleepingroutines when in the nederlands, and am struggeling for the awesome comeback i planned. Sleepyhead


I'ved been going crazy for platforms lately, and today i started my little affair with the 90's buffalo-shoe. 

I was about the same hight as Alexander in them, witch is kinda crazy by the way. it totaly feels like i am walking on clouds. trippy shit, huh

shorts//levis diy       jacket//fransa       singlet//h&m          sunnies//bikbok     shoes//nature


being buzy

After a short week in Amsterdam, i'ved just managed to fix everything i need, before going back to school this beautiful morning. It was amazing just taking the time off, for an extremely needed vacation, and i am fully loaded with positive energy from the sweet summer-week longer south.

I'll tell you all about the trip later, because now i am gathering myself for hair and make-up, to be ready for school. after a huge sip of redbull offcourse. redbull really do give you wings..

cheers mate!