another random picture

Is this a fashion blog or is this really a photoblog?



Found some really old photos suddently, and i realised i haven't published it. So heres three pictures from denmark year 09.


So my camera is broken, but luckily i have a cute cameranerd in class that can fix the problem for me today. In Norway it's starting being so cold it's just around the corner for the snow to fall. It is already white in the morning from all the frost, and what is more clever to do then invest in some good knittings?
Acne is always a good choice for those who know they can invest in less for more.I mean, dosen't everybody loves Acne?

btw.. this is my number twohoundred blogpost on blogspot.



My invitation for the pre-shopping event with showcase of the new collection for h&m by Versace.
I'ved got a coupple of pieces in my mind already, ready to be welcomed in my closet.


Took a few pictures of Oda's new puppy, Micke the other day.. He is really energetic and really hard to capture on camera, but i really think i came up with some cute moments here. Enjoy!



Found a coupple of undies the other day. h&m has really done some good designwork here.
Loving every bit of the fresh fabric and playful look.


a new chapter

So after being so mentaly tired lately with everything going against me, finally something has worked out!
In school, i was so lucky getting a mathemathicteacher that treated us like shit being discriminating about our sex, and just generally being an asshole. Me not being capable to shut up offcourse got head to head with him infront of the whole class.

The whole class was tired of him being a total jerk by favorite some student, telling people they are stupid all the time and giving comments on the students iq in front of everybody, so i manage to write a serious grumble against him to the principal for all the students.
Almost evetybody signed the paper, but when we was suppose to talk about this with the princial and teacher, the whole class totaly backed out. I was so extremely angry and sad.
I was the only person standing up for my meanings, and i was totaly humiliated in front of the teachers.

Offcourse i coudn't except more of a bunch of idiots like that, and by this i just realize how cowardly people really are when it comes to things generally in life.. Luckily i am starting a new class from monday with different teachers, and it feels like a million tonn of shit has been liftet of my shoulders..

So after all this negative energy  i am feeling a bunch of new inspiration for the blog and i am soon heading out to the city to get some new clothing for the evening.. What is better then fixing all youre problems and then go shopping? I think, nothing!

So then dear blogreaders, i wish you an amazing friday!


when i go,i go alone

In a rush with tonns oh homework and searching for a new job, outfitpictures aren't really a priority when i don't have anybody on school photographing me, and it gets dark almost before i reach to get home and relax a bit.. Winter is coming, and semester one is closing soon, so to get the grades i want and being that i just have to push on.