Just had to take a coupple of snapshots of this ridiculously cool art on my school.


So all that bragging about my new camera, and all those promises about being a superblogger defiently seemed to fail. I have been on and off sick the whole week, and haven't really being the lucky person with extra energy lately. Luckily i have the whole week off from school, and therefore i don't have to stress about being behind on my class.

I feel a bit better at the moment, so now there is cleaning and reading on my agenda..

photos by Alexander and me



new camera

HELL YEAH! I am turning twenty in just a coupple of weeks, and today my father bought me a new camera .

I got canon 600 D, and i am superstoked having the opportunity to take pictures 24/7 again. Lately i have been stealing Alexanders camera (whitch is not the most popular thing to do), and i am already planning shoots with the new toy!

top/birger and mikkelsen       shorts/levis 505         sneakers/nike     jacket/second hand



my computer is down, and i am superstressed having a test today and being sick. at the same time i am suppose to go to the blogawards later this evening.. shit

And by the way. i got this scarf just a coupple of days ago.. my mother knittet it. SO AWESOME!


shorts//levis 505         shirt//lindex      sneakers//nike  

hausmania - real art                pictures by Alex and me


shorts//bikbok      jacket//hm       top//diy         shoes//nelly
My best friend, Julie just started blogging by the way.. She is so cute and defiently deserve some readers so check out her blog here.

flower power


kissy kissy

ten minus

jacket//second hand           scarf//burberry        shorts//levis 505       sweater//american apparell     jewerly//vintage

It is getting colder and colder in Norway at the moment, but weard as i am i don't get so cold even with shorts on.. Yesterday in this outfit it actually was ten minus, and i wasn't that frozen...(?!)
Maybe it is the fact of me being a total redbul addict? I am so high on sugar and coffeine that i don't notice that i wear total wrong clothing for the total wrong weather?.

Anyways.. Only three months left before i am finish with high school, and i have to start some serious reading  if i want to finish off my goals..