shirt//bikbok          skirt//coola anna          jacket//one               shoes//sixtyseven


jacket//h&m            jeans//levis              purse//accesories      shades//h&m           knit//acne

@ Dattera til hagen

@ Dattera til hagen

A coupple of pictures from last friday when i went out. No pictures of me tough, but that's kinda normal now when i  am the only one snapping pictures.



Reading and homework is currently on my agenda, so just wantet to stop by to say hi!
@sara's cafe



                                                                                                                                                                       Yesterday, me and Alexander was just enjoying the nice summer-ish-weather in Oslo. With a coupple of beers on café sara we suddently stumblet over a random  picture-exhibition and i must say it was wery interesting.
It was Nordic school og photography making it happend, and the theme was sex and shame.. What really is a shame is the gallery closing tomorrow, so if anyone have time later today i recommend everyone having the change to pass by!

møllergata 3, everyone!
Or check out the pictures online here

dragondel rey


knit//carlings       shorts//me                



knit//carlings       jacket//h&m     shorts//levis 505

So i got those cool Beats by Dre headphones for my birthday and they are a perfect combination of shutting sound out and sending loud music in.. The only problem i have is me beggining to think about how i breath when i wear them. It is so funny really. i know i normally breath wery loud and  a new commercial on the subway is saying "close youre mouth, everyone is hearing youre breath"-deticated to people like me i guess.

Sometimes you can actually see me start hyperventelating, looking all over the subway for people noticing me..
I am so strange... god

sunday meditation

Pictures from yesterdays trip with Alexander


@ thea's

a coupple of snapshots from my friend thea's apartment. love it!


to smoke rolled tobacco leaves


Another long schoolday over.. Now i just need to remember everything about norwegian languagehistory before my hearing tomorrow.. great..Just great

picture frrom weheartit


Just 30 minutes until my first exam this spring, and i am superblogging before i am out in two(!!) minutes.

Haven't got any time to check out all my readingmaterial so sorry for not being supercute and commenting around, but i promise to nerd a bit tonight!                 Wish me good luck!!



Have a nice day everyone! Kisses and Love from a happy lolling summer-girl..
shades//bikbok      corset//h&m    shorts//made by me    jacket//second hand


Eye of Providence

Since i was in Denmark this summer my favorite jewerly went missing. I have been searching like a maniac ever since, and today i suddently came over it.. I AM SO HAPPY!



streetart from the park we was in yesterday. And those amazing musicplugs i got for my  birthday. i lost them.(Off-fucking-course)
I think i am having a mental breakdown.. seriously.


faux fur and sneakers

faux fur//bik bok    sweater//calvin klein     shorts//levis 501     sneakers//nike

I can't saying being twenty is mutch different then nineteen. Still going to school and still cold outside, suprisingly

I got the most guy-ish presant from Alexander like, ever. I got a coupple of Beats by Dre headphones(?),

First i wasn't that exstatic, but going a whole day with them i am totaly in love! It's something i would never use money on myself, so it's pretty nice having amazing sound when i'm totaly hiphopping atm.