People are so buzy going from a to z that they forget that there is.. 
eehm..twenty-four letters in beetween

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So Denmark.. Got to say i love that country! As i said earlier, Julie, Rebekka and i went on a little unplanned roadtrip. We couchsurfet at a guy called Ingolf, which by the way was the most incredable and funny host.

We started off around 12 in the morning driving thru Sweden by Malmø to finally arrive Denmark around eight.. (which by the way shoud only take six hours,and not eight, but i guess with three girls we arrived pretty early..)

We arrived in Denmark to just get out of the car and meet a friend of Ingolf having a little party which we offcourse attended before getting all of our stuff out from the car and to Ingolf's apartment.
Day two we woke up just to heading straight out the door to explore chopenhagen, which have freshly pressed juicy everywhere i woud recomend to anybody wisiting.

We went shopping and i even got a hold of an dreamcatcher.. Finally! Remember last summer i never found one,but when everyone started wearing them they are everywhere. tough it's not that cool when i see so many having dreamcatchers, but whatever..

The rest of the vacation went to just exploring the city, doing a coupple of things i am not mentioning here, and meating cute danish guys. Haha


Denmark part one

So last monday suddently Julie, Rebekka and I decited to have a little roadtrip to Denmark. Haha, it was such a blast!
We ended up looking for couchsurfing on the internet, finding a guy we coud stay at and where there three days.
I really recommend it to anybody if they have a wild side to do the same. A totaly sick experience i woud do over ten times and defiently is going to have a replay on later on!

It takes about six hours from Norway, by passing Sweden to go to Denmark, so it was just right length for me in a car. I'm not normally that glad travelling by car, but with those girls, that mood and just quite a awesome trip i couldn't ask for moreof a great time!
It really happend some funny things i will tell you about when i post the pictures!

Until then, it is quite late in Norway so I am heading to bed, trying to relax for the hairdresser tomorrow, wish me good luck and good night!


This will change Norway forever, but it is up to us how Norway is going to change.



Black nailpolish in the summer? Why not!


The beatles

God morning! I'm heading out to work, hope you have a great day, dear readers! 



Hi. Long time no see! I'ved been incredible buzy starting new hobbies, starting to work and it beeing summer.
But anyways.. I'ved missed you guys and i really miss to blog aswell.

Lately i'ved started longboarding wich is really sweet. I just was lucky to get a bord for free, and have started skating everywhere i go.. Which is why i haven't got many pictures lately.. But anyways, i'm back and lately i'ved been

Eating icecream

Been to  extrema outdoor dressed as an indian..

.. as i said. Longboarding

Beeing enjoying summerpeace and love

And met a cute guy :)