milla boutique

As the newest member of the oslonights team, i photographed for the "milla boutique" shopping night yesterday.  The store was located in one of oslo's most fabolous interour centers, House of oslo, and we was all warmly welcomed with some sparkling at the door, before we could privatly shop with special prices, just for this evening.
I was wow'ed by all the amazing products in the store, with a wide range of everything from crystal doorknobs, mexican blancets and crochet boxes to spiked leather jackets, minimalistic dresses and glittering shoes. Just my cup of tea, and i am defiently they're newest fan.


smart fashion

Special prints were commissioned from international artists and illustrators for this collection to create pieces bursting with colour, pattern and authenticity. Whether it is colourful African trims on blouses and bustiers, graphic black and white Maori prints on leggings and crop-tops, or the folkloric Inuit designs from Greenland on draped T-shirts, this year’s Fashion Against Aids  collection puts global tribes in to a modern context. As well as macrame, fringed and dip-dyed pieces for girls and printed T-shirts and cropped harem trousers for guys, the collection also includes fashion accessories such as hats, footwearand jewellery, as well as special pieces such as iPhone cases, festival ponchos, hammocks and plasters.

I have fallen totaly in love with this collection, and i am defiently planning taking a quick shop online when launch tomorrow! (The 26th of april) The best thing is h&m donoting 25% of the sales to international HIV/AIDS awarness projects, and i had no other choice then making a little collage for you, including some pieces i liked.

What do you think about the collection?



jacket//vintage    purse/made by me     shorts/levis diy       top/popin

I am a true believer of second hand clothing, and at this time of year the fleamarkeds are everywhere.
I'ved been going to them with my mom since i was a little child, and it have defiently become one of the traditions for her and me.

Take this new purse for example. Mom found a cloth and made it into one of the most awesome purses i'ved ever seen.   oh happyness!

Do you like fleamarkeds?



One good thing about having a boyfriend out of town,is that there's no excuse for being antisocial and no excuse to not meet up with my girlies anymore. 
Yesterday i visitet my best friend Julie', in her new appartment. When she lives with four people we all drank beer and later went out on da town.

Now it is just the right time to take a long shower and prepare myself for my bubbah to come home again.. 
can't wait!
Marked at blå

Concert at dattera til hagen

Sushi at sushi deluxe
Drinking at Julie's place



Yesterday was just perfect! Me and Camilla startet the evening off with an amazing stew with coconutmilk and currypaste, with some whine and puzzle on the side. Later on we smoked waterpipe with watermelon taste, and had alot of interesting conversations regarding everything from school to underwear. haha

At around elleven i left sweet Camilla, and went to Joe's bar, to meet up with Nelia. After a coupple of shots and drinks we shootet off from there going to a event called Amenta.
A dj called rødhåd was in charge of the runes this evening, and i must say the music was pretty chill. Apperantly he is one of Berlin's best undergrownd Dj's, whitch i don't question at all, when i think about the amazing energy and love from yesterdays crowd.

(cause we all know a Norwegian crowd is really hard to please!)

Skating and chilling at GSF

Puzzle at Camilla's place

"If you're destiny dosen't make you laugh, you havent understand the point"

Rødhåd at Amenta Allnighter